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Priority 1 – Supporting cross border partnerships for economic and socialdevelopment based on combined resources

Industrial Symbiosis Network for Environment Protection and Sustainable Development in Black Sea Basin (SymNet)

OLKAS. From Aegean to the Black Sea. Medieval Ports in the Maritime Routes of the East

Black Sea Network of Regional Development (BlasNET)

Facilitate the trade of agro-food products in the Black Sea Basin (FTAP)

Black Sea Tradenet (BST)

Black Sea – Solidarity and Economic Activity – BS – SEA

Capacity for Integrated Urban Development: INTEGR-ABLE

Tradition, Originality, Uniqueness and Richness for an Innovative Strategy for Tourism development in Black Sea Region (TOURIST)

Black Sea Joint Regional Research Centre for Mitigation and Adaptation to the Global Changes Impact (MAREAS)

Priority 2 – Sharing resources and competencies for environmentalprotection and conservation

Interpretative Trails on the Ground – Support to theManagement of Natural Protected Areas in the Black Sea Region (Inter Trails)

Strengthening the regional capacity to support the sustainable management of the Black Sea Fisheries (SRCSSMBSF)

Black Sea Earthquake Safety Net(work) – ESNET

Development of a common intraregional monitoring system for the environmental protection and preservation of the Black Sea – ECO-SATELLITE

Raising Public Awareness on Solid Municipal Waste Management in the North- West of the Black Sea Region (Less Waste in the North West)

Research and Restoration of the Essential Filters of the Sea – REEFS

Priority 3 – Supporting cultural and educational initiatives for theestablishment of a common cultural environment in the Basin

BLACK SEA CULTURAL ANIMATION PROGRAM Pilot model for mobilizing the common cultural characteristics for creative destination management in the Black Sea Basin

BSUN Joint Master Degree Study Program on the Management of Renewable Energy Sources – ARGOS

Industrial Evolution in the Black Sea Area – Examples from Greece,Romania and Armenia (IEBSA)

Dialogue between Cultures