The following authorities, structures and bodies are part of the ENI CBC Black Sea Basin Joint Operational Programme management and control system:

Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC)

Supervises and monitors programme implementation and is responsible for the approval of project proposals

Managing Authority (MA)

Responsible for the management and implementation of the programme

Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS)

Assists the MA, JMC, AA and the SC in carrying out their respective duties

National Authorities (NAs)

National counterpart institution to the Managing Authority in each participating country and overall responsible for supporting the MA in the implementation of the programme in their own countries

Audit Authority (AA)

Carries out audits on the programme management and control systems, on an appropriate sample of projects and on the annual accounts of the programme

Group of Auditors (GoA)

Assists the Audit Authority in carrying out its tasks

Control Contact Points (CCPs)

Support the Managing Authority in its control functions