The following authorities, structures and bodies are part of the ENI CBC Black Sea Basin Joint Operational Programme management and control system:

Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC)

Supervises and monitors programme implementation and is responsible for the approval of project proposals.

The countries participating in the programme established a Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC) which is the joint decision-making structure for the programme.

The JMC includes:

  • A delegation from each country participating in the programme, with one voting right per delegation;
  • A Chairperson without voting rights – the role is fulfilled by the Head of the MA or any other person from the MA appointed to replace him/her;
  • A Secretary, without voting rights – the role is fulfilled by the JTS;
  • A representative/representatives of the European Commission as observer/s;
  • Other observers, at the proposal of any delegation, the MA or the EC.