Capitalisation Platform is a new digital tool for the Black Sea Basin community.

Its aim is to promote relevant solutions with replication potential, to improve access of stakeholders to valuable results financed under our Programme and to contribute to the development of new partnerships and synergies between community members and beyond.

Identified solutions are thematically mainstreamed in clusters. As new solutions emerge, additional clusters may be added.

Disasters monitoring & early warning ICT tool

Co-PREVENT will increase the level of monitoring, sharing of compatible data and early warning for flood and wildfire threats, also for any natural forest diseases in the region through establishment of common innovative tool for exchange of actual data by the interested institutions.

Invasive Alien Species Observatory

An interactive tool that can be used to view data on the distribution of IAS on 5 deltaic areas of the Black Sea Basin studied within the project and also to add data on reports of new observations on the distribution of the targeted species or some new IAS.

Rapid Earthquake Damage Assessment System

A new, innovative ICT-based solution in the field of Earthquake Early Warning, Damage Assessment & Response planning. REDAS helps to substantially reduce response time in post-earthquake emergencies and distributes data and information regarding Earthquake Damage. 

Hydrologic Models

The models are implemented in 5 pilot areas, using the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) and Water Erosion Prediction Project (WEPP), providing a good comprehension of potential pollutants sources and their importance in the region.

Platform for environmental data

An intelligent platform for collecting, processing and analysing environmental data on river water and dust air quality.

Methodology and Guidelines for management of marine waste

The Methodology and Guidelines include the recommended steps to follow in identification, assessment and ranking of hotspots located within the Black Sea catchment area and having impact on the state of the Black Sea.