Capitalisation Platform is a new digital tool for the Black Sea Basin community.

Its aim is to promote relevant solutions with replication potential, to improve access of stakeholders to valuable results financed under our Programme and to contribute to the development of new partnerships and synergies between community members and beyond.

Identified solutions are thematically mainstreamed in clusters. As new solutions emerge, additional clusters may be added.

Disasters monitoring & early warning ICT tool


Republic of Turkey General Directorate of Forestry - Istanbul Regional Forestry Directorate


Environmental monitoring


BSB802 - Cooperation for disaster prevention and environmental monitoring in BSB (Co-PREVENT) aims the development of sustainable partnership between four disaster management specialized institutions responsible for monitoring, prevention and taking needful actions in the case of emergencies in the Black Sea Basin. Co-PEVENT brings together institutions that aim development of common innovative mechanisms for improving data sharing and cross-border information exchange systems on the environment and early warning within Black Sea Basin.


Co-PREVENT will increase the level of monitoring, sharing of compatible data and early warning for flood and wildfire threats, also for any natural forest diseases in the region through establishment of common innovative tool for exchange of actual data by the interested institutions.

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