Capitalisation Platform is a new digital tool for the Black Sea Basin community.

Its aim is to promote relevant solutions with replication potential, to improve access of stakeholders to valuable results financed under our Programme and to contribute to the development of new partnerships and synergies between community members and beyond.

Identified solutions are thematically mainstreamed in clusters. As new solutions emerge, additional clusters may be added.

Invasive Alien Species Observatory


The Danube Delta National Institute for Research and Development


Environmental monitoring


BSB 1121 Invasive Alien Species Observatory and Network Development for the Assessment of Climate Change Impacts in Black Sea Deltaic Protected Areas (IASON) project’s objective is focused on to establish, perform and communicate joint monitoring actions on Invasive Alien Species (IAS) in Black Sea deltaic ecosystems and assess their response under current and predicted climatic conditions.


Invasive Alien Species Observatory is an interactive tool that can be used to view data on the distribution of IAS on 5 deltaic areas of the Black Sea Basin studied within the project and also to add data on reports of new observations on the distribution of the targeted species or some new IAS. There are five ICT tools available within the Observatory:

  • ICT tool referring to the storage and management of meteorological data from meteorological stations of the project
  • ICT tool referring to the upload of field data from IAS monitoring
  • ICT tool referring to the map-based IAS distribution outputs
  • ICT tool referring to the Living-Lab & mobile application for citizens
  • ICT tool referring to the gamification use

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