FAQ BSB JOP 2014-2020 - 1st Call for Proposals

This page contains answers to questions submitted by interested ENI CBC Black Sea Basin Program applicants, beneficiaries and controllers. The questions and answers are organized by topic of interest and are updated on a regular basis, as we collect new questions. To preview the questions, click on the topic of interest.

General Questions

1. What is the deadline for the submission of application under the first call for proposals?

According to Guidelines for grant applicants, Section 3.4 – DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION OF THE APPLICATIONS: The deadline for the submission of Applications is 24:00 hrs. Bucharest time, 31st of May 2017.However, please note that the eMS system does not allow submission of applications after 23:59:00 hrs.

Eligibility of Applicants and Partners

1. Is there any restriction regarding the country of provenience of the Lead Partner?

According to the Guidelines for Grant Applicants, Section 2.4 – Eligibility criteria, (2) – Geographical location: „The project Lead Partner may be from any of the participating countries.”

Eligibility of Costs

1. Which are the sources where the national co-financing can be covered from?

According to Guidelines for grant applicants, Section 2.3 – Indicative Allocation for this Call for Proposals: The national co-financing may take the following forms:

  • Beneficiary’s own resources;
  • Financial contributions by third parties, from sources other than the European Union. The rate of national co-financing shall be at least 8% of the total eligible costs of the Project, calculated per Lead/Project partner budgets in the project.
    Each participating country shall decide on its own co-financing system (from national/ regional/local level or directly from the Beneficiary, or both from the national/regional/local level and from the Beneficiary itself). No resources from other EU Assistance may be taken into account as co-financing.

We recommend each applicant to contact the National Authority of their country related to this issue.

Eligibility of Partnership

1. Which is the minimum and maximum number of partners including the lead partner?

In accordance with the Guidelines for Grant Applicants, Section 2.4.1 – Applicants: the number of partners in a project, including the Lead Partner is minimum 3 and Maximum 6. The partners must be from at least three countries fulfilling the eligibility criteria specified in the aforementioned section.


1. In several sections of the electronic application form, up to maximum 2000 characters can be written, any text exceeding this limit being deleted. In other sections, the system automatically stops us and delivers the message „limit reached”. Is it possible this message to appear for every section?

Indeed, the system delivers the message „limit reached” only for some sections. However, the system counts the number of characters introduces in all sections and displays the number of remaining characters. Therefore, please pay attention to this aspect when filling in the application.