Last modified: April 22, 2020

ANEMONE (BSB319) - Primer 7 Online Workshop

17/09/2020 During 14-18 September 2020, 20 members from the project team are attending the online workshop on PRIMER 7 software. The workshop delivered by the Plymouth Marine Laboratory introduces to the participants the latest updates on PRIMER v7 which provides a wide range of univariate, graphical and multivariate routines for analysing arrays of species-by-samples data from community ecolo

MARLENA (BSB139) - 50 Selective Recycle Bins placed in in the protected area Lunca Joasă a Prutului Inferior in Galati County

16/09/2020 The Association for Sustainable Development "Prut - Danube" Galati equipped the protected area Lunca Joasă a Prutului Inferior in Galati County, from Cavadinești to Braniștea, with 50 selective recycle bins. The local towns from Galati Fishing areas where the bins are placed will ensure their proper maintenance. The purpose is to turn waste into a resource and diminish the negati

TIMMOD (BSB1029) – Launch dissemination event

10/09/2020 Institution of Fist Resources, lead beneficiary of the project "Promoting Technology Innovation in Environmental Monitoring and Modelling for Assessment of Fish Stock and Non-fish Resources - TIMMOD" is organizing on 11 September 2020 in Varna (Bulgaria) the project launch dissemination event. The main goals, activities and expected results of the TIMMOD project will be presented, a

ANEMONE (BSB319) – Citizens: a useful and benefic help for research work

09/09/2020 The project “Assessing the vulnerability of the Black Sea marine ecosystem to human pressures” has completed the second round of national stakeholder engagement workshops. While the first round was dedicated to marine litter, the second was focused on cetacean monitoring and finding ways of stakeholder involvement in dolphin monitoring activities. Totally, 8 public engagement

ALERT (BSB538) - Training seminars for civil protection and coping with accidents

07/09/2020 During July – August 2020, Bulgarian Association for Transfer of Technology and Innovation with the support of Red Cross Varna and Red Cross Burgas held 10 Training seminars for civil protection and coping with accidents. The aim of the sessions was to train the citizens on how to react in crisis and accident situations and to perform first aid. The topics covered by the trai

PONTOS (BSB889) - Official launch of the project

04/09/2020 The American University of Armenia (AUA) Acopian Center for the Environment in collaboration with project partners publicly launched the 30-months Copernicus Assisted Environmental Monitoring Across the Black Sea Basin project, also known as PONTOS. The project will make Black Sea environmental information from the EU Copernicus Earth Observation system accessible to scientists,

EscapeLand (BSB1108) - Start-up conference

25/08/2020 Territorial Administrative Unit Galati County (Romania), Lead beneficiary of “Development and Promotion of Active Tourism in the Black Sea Basin - EscapeLand” hosted the start-up conference of the project. In front of media representatives and with the online presence of all the project partners, the lead beneficiary introduced the objectives, the main outputs and the benefits,

CRoCuS (BSB784) - We are all responsible for our future!

24/08/2020 There is no doubt that the problem of water pollution is very serious for our country nowadays. Illegal dumping of organic and plastic waste, discharge of untreated wastewater, pesticides and livestock waste into rivers, pollution as a result of recreational activities are urgent problems. In 2019 at the initiative of the Nova Kakhovka City Nongovernmental Environmental Organizat

GreeTHIS (BSB305) - Virtual guide to historic Black Sea Cross border places

17/08/2020 Planned to store the common past of the Black Sea Cross border regions of Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Moldova, Romania and Ukraine, the Virtual Guide developed by the partnership of the project Green Tourism and Historical heritage – a stepping stone for the development of the Black Sea Basin is an interactive tool for locating sites and assets on the map, discovering their history

SILC (BSB570) SILK ROAD Culture Footprint in Romania

11/08/2020 The project SILC – Silk Road Local Culture is aiming to support the tourism development following the Silk Road cultural heritage from the project targeted area and the evaluation of the potential of the Silk Road cultural footprint for tourism growth, interregional cooperation and cross-border partnerships. The revival of the historic Silk Road encompasses and encourages the c

AgroNet (BSB294) - at the “Agriculture and Everything about It” Trade Fair

05/08/2020 The AgroNet project partner Varna Economic Development Agency (VEDA) took part in the 28th Trade Exhibition "Agriculture and Everything about It" held in Dobrich during 29.07.2020 - 01.08.2020.  VEDA uses the chance to introduce Online Trading Platform to agricultural producers – exhibitors  and visitors in the fair, as well as to official guests, among

Spirit BSB online (BSB1064) - Launching conference

03/08/2020 The Association for the Protection of Human being and the Environment for a Sustainable Development in the World - ECOM Constanta organized on 29 July 2020 in Constanta/Romania the launching conference for the project "Leave your Environmentalist Spirit Online for the Black Sea Basin". The general objective of the project is to increase awareness and knowledge of environmental is

MONITOX (BSB27) - International Conference “Environmental Challenges in the Black Sea Basin: Impact on Human Health”

The International Conference " Environmental Challenges in the Black Sea Basin: Impact on Human Health " will be organized in the period September 23rd-26th 2020 in Galati, Romania, by Dunarea de Jos University of Galati in partnership with Institute of Zoology, Republic of Moldova; International Hellenic University, Greece; Institute of Geology and Seismolo

SILC (BSB570) - SILCNET label logo

10/07/2020 The partnership of the project Silc Road Local Culture selected the logo of the SILCNET label. The SILCNECT Entrepreneurship Label is a certification system for entrepreneurs who offer tourism products on the Silk Road. The aim is to create a common instrument for stimulating local economies and creating synergies between the countries of the Black Sea basin. A strategy, a pl

AgroNet (BSB294) - at Wine and Food Festival in Varna

08/07/2020 In Varna (Bulgaria) is in full swing the eight edition of Wine & Food Festival with 62 companies registered as exhibitors: 41 wine cellars, 7 food processing firms, 6 traders, 2 cooking equipment firms and many more, including the project Piloting Modern Trading Opportunities in Agriculture through Creation of the Innovative Online Platform. The project partner VEDA - Varna Econ

AgriTradeNet (BSB 383) – Neighbourhood market for local products in Demirkoy

29/06/2020 In Demirkoy/Turkey, the construction of the neighbourhood market for local products is ready and it will be soon open. The investment area was built from the ground during June 2019 – May 2020. The construction accommodates 10 small compartments (3mx3m) for local producers' unions, organizations and cooperatives to promote their agricultural products. The building meets all the

AgriTradeNet (BSB 383) – Step by Step Guide: How to register on the Producers Database

22/06/2020 The Producers' Database is an innovative tool that developed by the project Sustainable Agricultural Trade Network in Black Sea Basin - AgriTradeNet, in order to bring together local producers from the 6 partner countries (Bulgaria, Greece, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine) and, more specifically, to increase exports, imports and trade communications overall of the p

MONITOX (BSB27) – International Conference "Environmental Toxicants in Freshwater and Marine Ecosystems in the Black Sea Basin"

21/05/2020 The International Conference "Environmental Toxicants in Freshwater and Marine Ecosystems in the Black Sea Basin" will be organized in Kavala, Greece, during 8-11 September, 2020, by International Hellenic University (GR) and Dunarea de Jos University of Galati (RO) in partnership with Institute of Zoology, Republic of Moldova, Institute of Geology and Seismology, Republic of Moldov

MARLITER (BSB 138) - Green Week Online Fest

20/05/2020 Between June 1-7, 2020, Mare Nostrum NGO has prepared a unique online festival - "Green Week Online Fest" - dedicated to World Environment Day, celebrated every year on June 5. The festival is dedicated to the knowledge of marine and terrestrial biodiversity in Constanta County, through which you will discover various aspects related to marine life, flora and fauna of protected

MWM-GMR (BSB457) – Competition "Let's protect rivers and seas!"

13/04/2020 An environmental drawing competition "Let's protect rivers and seas!" was held during February-April 2020 within the project "Waste Free Rivers for a Clean Black Sea" by the project partner Imereti Scientists’ Union “Spectri”. Many schoolchildren from Georgia joined the competition, with up to 50 drawings entering the last round of this competition. The Jury appoi

SaBS (BSB240) - Sailing around Greece and the Greek islands

09/04/2020 The Greek Islands are one of the most popular cruising and sailing regions in the world - a yachting and general boating paradise. For the tourists who intend to travel throughout the North Aegean Islands from the Thracian Sea, the Greek beneficiary, Alexandroupolis Port Authority, of the project Sailing across the Black Sea (SaBS) prepared a detailed material for a pleasant and rel

ANEMONE (BSB319) - Western Black Sea Cetacean Survey

03/04/2020 "Assessing the vulnerability of the Black Sea marine ecosystem to human pressures” (ANEMONE) project has conducted a cetacean survey of the western coasts of Black Sea with its 7-member crew. Covering 600 km in 8 days, the research expedition surveyed cetaceans in the western Black Sea coast of Turkey between Bulgarian border İğneada to Karadeniz Ereğli. The expedition was

ZEWSGES (BSB257) - Interactive Database

31/03/2020 The interactive database developed by the beneficiaries of the project Zero Waste Strategy for Good Environmental Status, consists of two main data sets, namely, Marine Litter Watch (MLW) data and Ecosystem Education Program (EEP) data. MLW data covers beach litter monitoring data. The monitoring is done every three months (each season) at the targeted beaches from each partner c

MONITOX (BSB27) - MONItoring TOXicants in environment: high level training and study visit

17/03/2020 MONITOX interdisciplinary network, composed of: "Dunarea de Jos" University of Galati and the partner institutions – Institute of Zoology, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova; International Hellenic University, Kavala, Greece; Institute of Geology and Seismology Chisinau, Republic of Moldova and Danube Delta National Institute for Research and Development, Tulcea, Romania, organised dur

TeaWay (BSB541), AgroNet (BSB240) and ITC BEE-BSB (BSB136) at International Tourist Guide Day

22/02/2020 Three projects funded by ENI CBC Black Sea Basin Programme, namely: Promoting tea as the engine of growth for the Black Sea Basin Area (TeaWay), Piloting Modern Trading Opportunities in Agriculture through Creation of the Innovative Online Platform (AgroNet) and Increase Trading and Modernization of the Beekeeping and Connected Sectors in the Black Sea Basin

WINET (BSB 638) - first cooperation agreements were signed with the representatives of the wine sector

06/02/2020 The winemaking companies from the Republic of Moldova, Romania and Bulgaria will receive another opportunity to promote their business. This will lead to export increasing on the international level, grow of cross-border trade operations and modernization for the whole agricultural sector. The cross-border project “WINET – Trade and innovation in wine sector” will unite th

TREASURE (BSB 371) - Artificial Reefs Submerge Ceremony

On 27th of November 2019, was officially launched the underwater museum in Enez city, Turkey, by submerging the historical artefacts in the water near to the old port of Ainos ancient town. The area of nearly 300 m2 was differentiated as an archaeological underwater field through placing back the copies of artefacts that before many years were found at the bottom of the sea and now again are

MARLITER (BSB138) - Black Sea Cross

31/10/2019 The fourth edition of the Black Sea Cross brought a record number of participants. Over 2000 adults and children responded to the call to run for the Black Sea, throwing also marine litter to the basket. October 27th, 2019 remains a memorable day for Mare Nostrum NGO, one of the beneficiaries of the project „Improving online public access to environmental monitoring data and d

ANEMONE (BSB319) - Joint Scientific Cruise completed

17/10/2019 A team of 17 marine scientists from 4 countries (Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine) onboard the research vessel “Mare Nigrum“ carried out a sampling of water, sediments and marine organisms to assess the health of Black Sea. The team travelled 20 transects with a length of 619 km, totalling about 60 hours and more than 300 sightings were collected, with a weight of over 50%

ANEMONE (BSB319) - Joint Scientific Cruise for Monitoring the Black Sea Environment

30/09/2019 The project “Assessing the vulnerability of the Black Sea marine ecosystem to human pressures“ (ANEMONE), coordinated by the National Institute for Marine Research and Development “Grigore Antipa”, Romania, in partnership with the Institute of Oceanology – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey/Marmara Research Center, th

RedMarLitter (BSB552) - Innovative Database for Marine Litter Pollution

24/09/2019 On 25 September 2019, an innovative online platform providing data on the Black Sea currents and marine litter pollution will be presented at the Flora Exposition Center in Burgas. The platform is designed so that data can be added to it by both scientific organizations and individual citizens who have monitored the waste. The system will enable the marine litter pollution to be tra

MONITOX (BSB27) – MONITOX International Symposium "Deltas and Wetlands"

23/09/2019 MONITOX International Symposium "Deltas and Wetlands" was organized in the period 15th-17th September 2019 by Danube Delta National Institute for Research and Development, Tulcea, and Dunarea de Jos University of Galati, Romania (Leader Beneficiary), in the frame of the project, "Black Sea Basin interdisciplinary cooperation network for sustainable joint monitoring of environmental

HydroEcoNex (BSB165) - Raising the environmental awareness of the youth on transboundary river values

07/08/2019 The public awareness in environmental issues is the only guarantee for a safety environment and ecosystems prosperity. In summer 2019 within the project “Creating a system of innovative transboundary monitoring of the transformations of the Black Sea river ecosystems under the impact of hydropower development and climate change - HydroEcoNex” (BSB165), leading by the Institute o

ALERT (BSB538) - Press conference

11/07/2019 Constanţa County Council, the lead beneficiary of the project Black Sea Joint Environmental Monitoring and Protection - ALERT (BSB538) is organizing a press conference on 18 July 2019, starting with 10:00 am. The event will be held at the headquarters of Constanţa County Council, “Remus Opreanu” Hall. Media representatives, local authorities, state institutions, universitie

MARLENA (BSB139) - Eco action for cleaning the route from Ahtopol to Veleka river

01/07/2019 NGO Green Strandzha from Bulgaria, one of the MARLENA project beneficiaries, organized on 26 June 2019 another cleaning of hard-to-reach places on the route from Ahtopol to the mouth of the Veleka river. This is the second clean-up campaign organized this year within the project MARLENA: Marine and River Litter Elimination New Approach (BSB139). Personally, the Mayor of Ahtopol,

ANEMONE (BSB319) - Tools and indicators for the integrated assessment of Black Sea environmental status

24/06/2019 During 19-20 June 2019, the ”Workshop on tools and indicators for integrated assessment of Black Sea environmental status” was organized in the frame of the ANEMONE Project (”Assessing the vulnerability of the Black Sea marine ecosystem to human pressures”). The ANEMONE Project aims to deliver, through collaborative efforts among partners, a common strategy related to the

CULTOUR-BSB (BSB117) – 5 cross-border tourism seminars

06/06/2019 During the period May-September 2019, the project partners from the project “Development of Sustainable Cultural Tourism in the Black Sea Basin“, CULTOUR-BSB, will organize 5 cross-border seminars that aim to obtain information from stakeholders about the requirements and needs of tourism data as well as to inventory the needs of consumers for sustainable tourism. The tourism

MARLENA (BSB139) - International Children’s day

03/06/2019 The International Children’s day was celebrated in Strandzha Nature Park, Bulgaria during an eco-camp. From 31 May to 1 of June, the first tent eco-camp for children aged 7 to 14 years was organized as part of the Green Strandja NGO activities under the project MARLENA: Marine and River Litter Elimination New Approach (BSB139). 11 children took part in sports and educational g

SILC (BSB570) - Logo Design Contest

30/05/2019 Project partners from Cultural Tourism on the Black Sea Basin Silk Road  (BSB570) are organizing a Logo Design Contest. The logo selected will be featured on all promotional material, presentation, printed material and project’s communication activities. Therefore, it is a great opportunity to make an impact in EU making full use of your talent and creativity. The design c

ANEMONE (BSB319) - 4 workshops. One common problem … Marine Litter

21/05/2019 During March-April 2019, the project partners from the project “ANEMONE - Assessing the vulnerability of the Black Sea marine ecosystem to human pressures“ organized 4 workshops on the topic of marine litter involving citizens in finding and applying solutions to the marine litter problem and public awareness of marine environmental issues. Over 130 participants registered i

ANEMONE (BSB319) - Public engagement in marine litter monitoring

19/03/2019 Mare Nostrum NGO addresses an open invitation to those interested in marine litter monitoring. The workshop is organized within the project “Assessing the vulnerability of the Black Sea marine ecosystem to human pressures“, ANEMONE (BSB319) and will take place on 27 March 2019, from 10:00 to 16:00, at Hotel Ibis, Constanta. This workshop is an essential activity for engaging the p

AgroNet (BSB-294) - Methodology workshop-training

21/02/2019 On February 17-19, 2019, the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA) organized a methodology workshop-training on how to identify and shortlist the main agricultural products and services with a potential for export and import within the BSB countries and how to conduct the export-import feasibility studies on the already shortlisted products and services. The workshop-training con

European Cooperation Day 2020 - Traces across Black Sea Basin projects
16/09/2020 September month is marked by European Cooperation Day. On 21 September and the surrounding weeks, the EU
Call for expression of interest for Covid-19 Response and Recovery Partnerships - Pilot Action for Interregional InnovationCOVID launched by DG REGIO
27/08/2020 Under this Call, DG REGIO seeks expressions of interest from transnational partnerships of regional autho
The seventh Newsletter of ENI CBC Black Sea Basin Programme
03/07/2020 The seventh Newsletter of ENI CBC Black Sea Basin Programme is ready to be read. This newsletter will
The first meeting of the Joint Programming Committee for the Interreg NEXT Black Sea Basin Programme 2021-2027

The first meeting of the Joint Programming Committee – body responsible for the preparation of the Interreg NEXT (Neighbourhood External) Black Sea Basin Programme 2021-2027 – was held on the 29th of January 2020 in Brussels, Belgium. The eligible participating countries of the new Programme involves ten states from the Black Sea Basin: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Russian Federation, Turkey and Ukraine.

European Cooperation Day 2019 in Romania
This year, to celebrate European Cooperation Day, a Solid Waste collecting Action was conducted at the Black Sea, because generating environmental attitudes is essential in the fight against climate change and the reduction of environmental pollution.
It is a step closer in spreading awareness of environmental challenges and good waste management practices in the Black Sea Basin region. Further, by involving children it was anticipated to improve attitudes towards the environment.
Fourth meeting of the Joint Monitoring Committee for Joint Operational Programme Black Sea Basin 2014-2020

The new generation of projects to be funded under the Joint Operational Programme Black Sea Basin 2014-2020 has been approved by the Joint Monitoring Committee during the meeting held in Odessa, Ukraine, on 17th of September 2019.

The second Call for Proposals of the Joint Operational Programme Black Sea Basin 2014-2020 is open starting with 1 October 2018 with deadline 5 February 2019
  Herewith you can access the Applicants Pack for the 2nd Call for proposals of the Joint Operational Programme

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