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Introduction of innovative waste management practices in selected cities of Georgia, Moldova and Armenia (GMA-WMP)

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Excellence in public sector (Excellence)

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Efficient Educational Management Network for LLL in the Black Sea Basin (MANAGE.EDU)

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A Black Sea network promoting integrated natural WASTEwater treatment systems (WASTEnet)

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e-Fairs and Trade Networking (e-F+TN)

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Black Sea Buildings Energy Efficiency Plan (BSBEEP)

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Utilizing stream waters in the suppression of forest fires with the help of new technologies (STREAMS-2-SUPPRESS-FIRES)

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Black Sea Silk Road Corridor (BSSRC)

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Installation process

Cultural Ports from Aegean to the Black Sea (LIMEN)

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Improvement of the Integrated Coastal Zone Management in the Black Sea Region (ICZM)

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University collaboration network at the Black Sea (UNIVER-SEA.NET)

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Integrated Land-use Management Modeling of Black Sea Estuaries (ILMMBSE)

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Sharing Collectively the Competences of the Researchers to the Farmers for a Sustainable and Ecological Exploitation of the Agricultural and Environment Protection (ECO-AGRI)

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The First Training in Turkey

The First Training in Romania

First Workshop

Quality Certification System in Agro-tourism (CerTour)

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Culture exchange Platform

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Tourism Paths of the Black Sea Region (BSB – TOUR)

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Youth Action for Regional Coherence and Cooperation (YARCC)

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YARCC Photos

Local/Regional Economic Development Network as decisive leverage point for enhanced competitiveness in the Black Sea Basin regions (LRED Net)

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Promoting Innovative Rural Tourism in the Black Sea Basin Region (PIRT)

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Official Presentation

Launch event

Collaborative Networks of Multilevel Actors to advance quality standards for heritage tourism at Cross Border Level (ALECTOR)

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A Scientific Network for Earthquake, Landslide and Flood Hazard Prevention (SciNetNatHazPrev)

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selected photos

Odessa - 1rst Progress meeting-Oct 2013

KickOff Meeting-Serres June 2013

Black Sea Network for Sustainable Tourism - Strategies for joint tourism marketing and development in the Black Sea region (BS NTS)

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Danube - Black Sea connection of European and Asian economy, a step for substantial growth of the Black Sea areas (DABS)

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Clean Rivers - Clean Sea! NGOs actions for environmental protection within Black Sea area (CRCS)

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Development of Outdoor Adventure Tourism network in Black Sea Region (DOOA)

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Integrated hotspots management and saving the living Black Sea ecosystem (HOT BLACK SEA)

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Securing Transit Containers (SETRACOM)

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A clear environment for our future

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Black Sea – Unity and Diversity in the Roman Antiquity (BSUDRA)

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Continuous improvement strategy for increasing the efficiency of wastewaters treatment facilities in the Black Sea coastal states (CISWastewater)

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Black Sea People Living Histories (BSPLH)

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Integrated Coastal Monitoring and Environmental Problems in Sea Region and the Ways of their Solution (ICME)

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Preparing the condition for penetration of the Black Sea wines in the international market (Black Sea WinExports)

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Regional Cooperation for Black Sea River Basins Environment Protection from Agricultural Polluters (REPAIR)

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Workshop meeting Varna

Workshop meeting Istanbul

ABC_training in Senaki, April 7

ABC_meeting with stakeholders 31 January

Black Sea areal for culture and art (BASACA)

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Regional Business Incubator's Network (Black Sea BI-Net)

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Innovative Instruments for Environmental Analysis in North Western Black Sea Basin (Black Sea e-Eye)

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Citizen engagement in the prioritization, design and implementation of local development policies (SolveNet)

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Maritime network of education for the development of the maritime culture in the Black Sea Basin (MARINE)

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Innovations in sustainable management and protection of natural areas (4GreenInn)

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Creation of Interuniversity centre for risk management and assessment for prevent of ecological and technological risk in the Black Sea (IUCRISKMAN)

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Research networking for the environmental monitoring and mitigation of adverse ecological effects in the Black Sea Basin (BSB Net-Eco)

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Creation of a Black Sea Network for Sustainable Tourism Development in Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia (BS-TOURISM NET)

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European Cooperation Day in Republic of Moldova
1/10/2019 Coming up, 3 full days of action to celebrate European Cooperation Day during 2-4 October 2019. The Republ
ENI CBC Black Sea Basin Programme at EU Regions WEEK
30/09/2019 Marine litter knows no borders.....but with joined efforts, we can fight against climate change and the r
Instruction no 15 from 20 November 2018 has been revised
26/09/2019 The Instruction no 15 from 20 November 2018 lays down specific provisions for the expenditure and revenue
European Cooperation Day 2019 in Romania
This year, to celebrate European Cooperation Day, a Solid Waste collecting Action was conducted at the Black Sea, because generating environmental attitudes is essential in the fight against climate change and the reduction of environmental pollution.
It is a step closer in spreading awareness of environmental challenges and good waste management practices in the Black Sea Basin region. Further, by involving children it was anticipated to improve attitudes towards the environment.
Fourth meeting of the Joint Monitoring Committee for Joint Operational Programme Black Sea Basin 2014-2020

The new generation of projects to be funded under the Joint Operational Programme Black Sea Basin 2014-2020 has been approved by the Joint Monitoring Committee during the meeting held in Odessa, Ukraine, on 17th of September 2019.

Workshop on the implementation of the Common Maritime Agenda

The Facility for Blue Growth is pleased to announce the first workshop towards the implementation of the Common Maritime Agenda that will take place on July 4th, 2019, in Varna, Bulgaria.

The second Call for Proposals of the Joint Operational Programme Black Sea Basin 2014-2020 is open starting with 1 October 2018 with deadline 5 February 2019
  Herewith you can access the Applicants Pack for the 2nd Call for proposals of the Joint Operational Programme

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