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How should it be specified in Table 1 of the Budget if the staff is employed e.g. 50% of the time: should the number of units (in this case months) be split by half or should the salary be split by half and the number of units kept as the duration of the project?

In case one person is working part-time, the salary should be proportionally with the percentage of time dedicated for the project; in this example, the salary should be split by half. The number of units (in this case month) should reflect the length of the period while the respective person is involved in the project, which may be the entire duration of the project or a shorter period. For each part time staff, please insert as in the following example:

– Description: Regional Coordinator Bulgaria (working 50% over a 18 months period, part time salary 1000 Euro);

– No. of units: 18*50%;

– Unit rate: 2000 Euro.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! Instruction no.19 from October 2019 to Beneficiaries of the ENI CBC Black Sea Basin Joint Operational Programme 2014-2020 regarding preparation and filling in interim reports in eMS
23/10/2019 To ensure more guidance and support during the implementation of the projects funded by Joint Operational
IMPORTANT NOTICE! Project Implementation Manual revised is now available!
23/10/2019 We revised the Project Implementation Manual applicable for the beneficiaries of the ENI CBC Black Sea B
European Cooperation Day in Republic of Moldova
1/10/2019 Coming up, 3 full days of action to celebrate European Cooperation Day during 2-4 October 2019. The Republ
European Cooperation Day 2019 in Romania
This year, to celebrate European Cooperation Day, a Solid Waste collecting Action was conducted at the Black Sea, because generating environmental attitudes is essential in the fight against climate change and the reduction of environmental pollution.
It is a step closer in spreading awareness of environmental challenges and good waste management practices in the Black Sea Basin region. Further, by involving children it was anticipated to improve attitudes towards the environment.
Fourth meeting of the Joint Monitoring Committee for Joint Operational Programme Black Sea Basin 2014-2020

The new generation of projects to be funded under the Joint Operational Programme Black Sea Basin 2014-2020 has been approved by the Joint Monitoring Committee during the meeting held in Odessa, Ukraine, on 17th of September 2019.

Workshop on the implementation of the Common Maritime Agenda

The Facility for Blue Growth is pleased to announce the first workshop towards the implementation of the Common Maritime Agenda that will take place on July 4th, 2019, in Varna, Bulgaria.

The second Call for Proposals of the Joint Operational Programme Black Sea Basin 2014-2020 is open starting with 1 October 2018 with deadline 5 February 2019
  Herewith you can access the Applicants Pack for the 2nd Call for proposals of the Joint Operational Programme

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