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European Cooperation Day 2020 – Traces across Black Sea Basin projects


September month is marked by European Cooperation Day. On 21 September and the surrounding weeks, the EU programmes are celebrating cooperation and the projects’ achievements. Further, in 2020 Interreg turns 30, a new reason to celebrate cooperation in all its shapes.

This year we also faced the most unexpected challenge, the COVID-19 pandemic, when solidarity and collaboration was needed to defeat coronavirus. And because we want you to stay safe during this challenging time, we prepared for you 5 evidences for connection in Black Sea Basin, one for each priority and one to sum up the beneficiaries’ hard work.

#1 Evidence is related to tourism and culture around Black Sea Basin

TREASURE (BSB 371) – Artificial Reefs Submerge Ceremony

On 27 November 2019, was officially launched the underwater museum in Enez city, Turkey, by submerging the historical artefacts in the water near to the old port of Ainos ancient town.

The area of nearly 300 m2 was differentiated as an archaeological underwater field through placing back the copies of artefacts that were found years ago at the bottom of the sea shaping an underwater museum for diving/scuba or snorkel diving activities.

#2 Evidence presents the cross-border trade opportunities for agricultural and agro-industrial products

AgroNet (BSB294) – AGRODEALS Platform

AGRODEALS is an online multilingual agricultural trading platform that connects potential buyers and sellers, including distributors and processors. It aims to have a modern online space, where all information related to the trade of agricultural products are available free of charge in a consolidated space.

The online platform enables business partners of agricultural products in the countries of the Black Sea region to connect with international buyers and receive important commercial information to support import and export processes.

#3 Evidence refers to the environmental monitoring

ANEMONE (BSB319) – Western Black Sea Cetacean Survey

The project focusses on the pile of quality controlled and comparable data sets for the Black Sea environmental status assessment via pilot monitoring studies in selected study areas: coastal and open sea following testing of the Black Sea Monitoring and Assessment Guidance in order to assess the status of the Black Sea, as a basis for further actions.

The video material was created from scenes of two line-transect boat survey carried out in the Marmara Sea and western Turkish Black Sea coast in 2019 to understand the distribution and abundance of cetaceans.

#4 Evidence focusses on the waste management

ZEWSGES (BSB257) – Marine litter recognizes no borders

The project team is going “fishing for litter” with a small “army” of hundreds of fishermen, students, teachers and civil society organizations. They are collecting plastics around the Black Sea, to clean up square kilometres of beaches and water. And they are learning how a good solid waste management could reduce the pollution’s impact on our precious ecosystems.

# 5 Evidence is a summary of beneficiaries’ collaboration

The visuals that convey the project story or provide a connection to the Black Sea Basin is the image of cooperation and important work done for the people of the border regions. We’ve created a collage for each one of the projects from the first call. But there’s more to come; the second call projects are moving forward and more results are expected.

No matter the distance, we are celebrating together European Cooperation Day and Interreg 30!

Initiation of the Strategic Environmental Assessment screening procedure for the Interreg NEXT Black Sea Basin Programme 2021-2027
04/10/2021 The Ministry of Development, Public Works and Administration, through the General Directorate European Te
The sixth meeting of the Joint Programming Committee for the Interreg NEXT Black Sea Basin Programme 2021-2027
30/09/2021 The sixth meeting of the Joint Programming Committee - body responsible for the preparation of the Interr
Open call for projects promoting a sustainable blue economy through regional maritime cooperation in the Black Sea
30/09/2021 In support of the implementation of the Common Maritime Agenda for the Black Sea – endorsed by Bulgaria
Smart Specialisation for Sustainable Blue Economy Workshop

DG Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (DG MARE) and The Joint Research Centre, in cooperation with DG Regional and Urban Policy (DG REGIO), are organising the Workshop “Smart Specialisation for Sustainable Blue Economy” on 6 July 2021, at 09.00 – 12.45 CET.

Training for Beneficiaries from the 2nd Call for proposals

The training sessions are organised by the programme management structures and are aiming to enhance capacity of beneficiaries to collect, consolidate and report the progress achieved by the projects.

The first meeting of the Joint Programming Committee for the Interreg NEXT Black Sea Basin Programme 2021-2027

The first meeting of the Joint Programming Committee – body responsible for the preparation of the Interreg NEXT (Neighbourhood External) Black Sea Basin Programme 2021-2027 – was held on the 29th of January 2020 in Brussels, Belgium. The eligible participating countries of the new Programme involves ten states from the Black Sea Basin: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Russian Federation, Turkey and Ukraine.

The second Call for Proposals of the Joint Operational Programme Black Sea Basin 2014-2020 is open starting with 1 October 2018 with deadline 5 February 2019
  Herewith you can access the Applicants Pack for the 2nd Call for proposals of the Joint Operational Programme

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