Last modified: June 2, 2020

Black Sea Basin projects tackling COVID-19


Every single action matters in the fight against the impact of COVID-19, and Interreg is an active player in the game.

10 projects out of the 24 funded within the first Call for proposals of ENI CBC Black Sea Basin Programme help their stakeholders in dealing with the crisis and its impacts.

  1. AgroNet project developed the online platform AgroDeals for the agricultural sector in the Black Sea Basin region. It brings together farmers, agricultural cooperatives, retailers and wholesalers, exporters and importers–anyone involved in making, buying and selling agricultural products. The platform supports entrepreneurs to find partners in the international market and expand their business, helping to overcome the pandemic and its socio-economic impact.
  2. TEAWAY project aims to boost the tea economy and to support SMEs in enhancing their innovative business capacities to develop and achieve growth and engage them to innovation. The project strives the economic growth potential represented by the regional and local manufactured tea and is inviting the tea producers to join the market opportunities developed by the project.
  3. CERTOUR II project developed 3 Management models adapted to the tourism to support the SMEs to overcome the impact of this current unprecedented crisis. The documents are published in the programme e-Library. Further, the mentors’ registry, the management tools, the mentors’ training package and the e-training platform that will be developed will support the tourism SMEs to energize the business.
  4. WINET platform and the WINE network under development within WINET project are intended to increase the trade capacity in the Black Sea Basin area. Both tools will link SMEs, higher education and research, local/regional/national authorities as well as interest groups, NGOs and business support organizations helping to overcome the pandemic and its socio-economic impact.
  5. CULTOUR-BSB project is developing an online platform for tourism promotion that explores innovative and creative solutions to stimulate the tourism industry, especially needed in the aftermath of COVID-19.
  6. ITM BEE-BSB projectsupports the networking among apicultural producers in improving the conditions of production, increasing the quality of bee products, promoting their products and boosting cross-border trade opportunities as well as modernizing the beekeeping sector and related activities.
  7. Within the project AgriTradeNet the links between regional brands, local community and the regions supports its promotion and further development.
  8. The Aquaculture Virtual Center of Competences under development within DACIAT project is a cross-border business & logistics information exchange system for entrepreneurs that want to upgrade their knowledge in the aquaculture sector or develop new competences in this sector. Considering the actual context generated by COVID pandemic, the development of customized support services and improving the existing ones will increase the importance of gaining upgraded innovative capacities of enterprises activating in the field of aquaculture.
  9. The Silk Road Virtual Observatory created under SILC project will provide to the stakeholders acting in cultural and tourism sectors with additional tools to improve the quality of their products and services essential for their competitiveness.
  10. TRESURE project promotes tourist attractions from the Black Sea Basin region and also displays information and recommendations to reduce the risk of infection and prevent coronavirus on the LED monitor purchased within the project.

Modern and innovative tools developed in cross border partnership are coming together to minimize the impact and to reduce the effects of negative impact on the citizens’ welfare from the region.

European Cooperation Day 2020 - Traces across Black Sea Basin projects
16/09/2020 September month is marked by European Cooperation Day. On 21 September and the surrounding weeks, the EU
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03/07/2020 The seventh Newsletter of ENI CBC Black Sea Basin Programme is ready to be read. This newsletter will
The first meeting of the Joint Programming Committee for the Interreg NEXT Black Sea Basin Programme 2021-2027

The first meeting of the Joint Programming Committee – body responsible for the preparation of the Interreg NEXT (Neighbourhood External) Black Sea Basin Programme 2021-2027 – was held on the 29th of January 2020 in Brussels, Belgium. The eligible participating countries of the new Programme involves ten states from the Black Sea Basin: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Russian Federation, Turkey and Ukraine.

European Cooperation Day 2019 in Romania
This year, to celebrate European Cooperation Day, a Solid Waste collecting Action was conducted at the Black Sea, because generating environmental attitudes is essential in the fight against climate change and the reduction of environmental pollution.
It is a step closer in spreading awareness of environmental challenges and good waste management practices in the Black Sea Basin region. Further, by involving children it was anticipated to improve attitudes towards the environment.
Fourth meeting of the Joint Monitoring Committee for Joint Operational Programme Black Sea Basin 2014-2020

The new generation of projects to be funded under the Joint Operational Programme Black Sea Basin 2014-2020 has been approved by the Joint Monitoring Committee during the meeting held in Odessa, Ukraine, on 17th of September 2019.

The second Call for Proposals of the Joint Operational Programme Black Sea Basin 2014-2020 is open starting with 1 October 2018 with deadline 5 February 2019
  Herewith you can access the Applicants Pack for the 2nd Call for proposals of the Joint Operational Programme

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