Last modified: August 15, 2015

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- Beneficiary (Lead Partner) - IPA Partner - Asociated - ENPI Partner


Development of a common intraregional monitoring system for the environmental protection and preservation of the Black Sea - ECO-SATELLITE
Countries: GR/ GR/ RO/ UA/ BG
Cod MIS: 154
Project total budget 650.000,00(ENPI +cofin)

Raising Public Awareness on Solid Municipal Waste Management in the North-West of the Black Sea Region (Less Waste in the North West)
Countries: RO/ BG/ MD/ MD
Cod MIS: 175
Project total budget 444.529,46(ENPI +cofin)

Dialogue between cultures
Countries: RO/ UA
Cod MIS: 180
Project total budget 246.980,00(ENPI +cofin)

Facilitate the trade of agro-food products in the Black Sea Basin (FTAP)
Countries: RO/ UA
Cod MIS: 185
Project total budget 536.430,50(ENPI +cofin)

Capacity for Integrated Urban Development: INTEGR-ABLE
Countries: RO/ GE/ MD
Cod MIS: 191
Project total budget 262.528,78(ENPI +cofin)

Tradition, Originality, Uniqueness and Richness for an Innovative Strategy for Tourism development in Black Sea Region - TOURIST
Countries: MD/ BG
Cod MIS: 227
Project total budget 723.721,00(ENPI +cofin)

Black Sea Network of Regional Development - BlasNET
Countries: GR/ RO/ MD/ UA
Cod MIS: 234
Project total budget 492.084,53(ENPI +cofin)

Countries: RO/ UA/ MD/ GE
Cod MIS: 247
Project total budget 396.912,00(ENPI +cofin)

Countries: BG/ GR/ GR/ AM/ TR
Cod MIS: 248
Project total budget 286.100,00(ENPI +cofin)

Black Sea Earthquake Safety Net(work)
Countries: TR/ BG/ MD
Cod MIS: 250
Project total budget 528.221,36(ENPI +cofin)

MAREAS - Black Sea Joint Regional Research Centre for Mitigation and Adaptation to the Global Changes Impact
Countries: BG/ GE/ UA/ UA/ TR
Cod MIS: 274
Project total budget 125.179,01(ENPI +cofin)

Industrial Evolution in the Black Sea Areas - Examples from Greece, Romania and Armenia (IEBSA)
Countries: RO/ AM
Cod MIS: 275
Project total budget 248.763,40(ENPI +cofin)

BSUN Joint MASTER Degree Study Program in the Management of Renewable Energy Sources - ARGOS
Countries: UA/ MD/ BG/ TR
Cod MIS: 277
Project total budget 229.999,00(ENPI +cofin)

Research and Restoration of the Essential Filters of the Sea - REEFS
Countries: UA/ RO/ GE/ TR
Cod MIS: 280
Project total budget 528.480,12(ENPI +cofin)

Black Sea - Solidarity and Economic Activity - BS - SEA
Countries: GR/ GE
Cod MIS: 281
Project total budget 154.561,50(ENPI +cofin)

"From the Aegean to the Black Sea" - Medieval Ports in the Maritime Routs of the East (OLKAS)
Countries: GR/ BG/ RO/ UA/ GE/ TR/ TR
Cod MIS: 284
Project total budget 583.956,20(ENPI +cofin)

Industrial Symbiosis Network for Environment Protection and Sustainable development in Black Sea Basin - SymNet
Countries: RO/ MD/ TR/ TR
Cod MIS: 287
Project total budget 449.862,24(ENPI +cofin)

Strengthening the regional capacity to support the sustainable management of the Black Sea Fisheries (SRCSSMBSF)
Countries: BG/ UA/ TR/ TR
Cod MIS: 303
Project total budget 380.271,05(ENPI +cofin)

Black Sea Cultural Animation Program: Pilot model for mobilizing the common cultural characteristics for creative destination management in the Black Sea Basin
Countries: TR/ RO/ AM/ GE/ TR
Cod MIS: 306
Project total budget 219.061,00(ENPI +cofin)

Creation of a Black Sea Network for Sustainable Tourism Development in Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia (BS-TOURISM NET)
Countries: BG/ UA/ UA/ RO/ GE/ UA/ MD
Cod MIS: 1438
Project total budget 608.975,50(ENPI +cofin)

Research networking for the environmental monitoring and mitigation of adverse ecological effects in the Black Sea Basin
Countries: RO/ GR/ MD/ UA/ TR
Cod MIS: 1443
Project total budget 497.034,16(ENPI +cofin)

Innovations in sustainable management and protection of natural areas - 4GreenInn
Countries: RO/ UA
Cod MIS: 1458
Project total budget 481.085,84(ENPI +cofin)

Creation of Interuniversity centre for risk management and assessment for prevent of ecological and technological risk in the Black Sea - IUCRISKMAN
Countries: RO/ UA/ BG
Cod MIS: 1459
Project total budget 412.669,60(ENPI +cofin)

Maritime network of education for the development of the maritime culture in the Black Sea Basin MARINE
Countries: MD/ TR
Cod MIS: 1463
Project total budget 329.647,50(ENPI +cofin)

Citizen engagement in the prioritization, design and implemetation of local development policies (SolveNet)
Countries: RO/ UA/ MD/ AM
Cod MIS: 1473
Project total budget 484.861,50(ENPI +cofin)

Innovative Instruments for Environmental Analysis in North Western Black Sea Basin (Black Sea e-Eye)
Countries: RO/ RO/ MD/ UA/ AM
Cod MIS: 1475
Project total budget 769.265,00(ENPI +cofin)

Black Sea areal for culture and art (BASACA)
Countries: BG/ UA/ TR
Cod MIS: 1551
Project total budget 240.581,10(ENPI +cofin)

Regional Cooperation for Black Sea River Basins Environment Protection from Agricultural Polluters, REPAIR
Countries: MD/ MD/ BG/ RO/ TR
Cod MIS: 1638
Project total budget 681.393,76(ENPI +cofin)

Preparing the condition for penetration of the Black Sea Wines in the international market: Black Sea WinExports
Countries: GR/ BG/ MD/ UA
Cod MIS: 1731
Project total budget 440.547,46(ENPI +cofin)

Integrated Coastal Monitoring and Environmental Problems in Sea Region and the Ways of their Solution
Countries: GE/ AM/ TR
Cod MIS: 1872
Project total budget 692.707,00(ENPI +cofin)

Black Sea People Living Histories - BSPLH
Countries: UA/ RO/ MD
Cod MIS: 1875
Project total budget 278.609,15(ENPI +cofin)

Continuous improvement strategy for increasing the efficiency of wastewaters treatment facilities in the Black Sea coastal states
Countries: RO/ BG/ GR/ AM/ MD/ GE
Cod MIS: 2177
Project total budget 455.380,00(ENPI +cofin)

"Black Sea - Unity and Diversity in the Roman Antiquity - BSUDRA"
Countries: GR/ BG/ UA/ GE/ MD/ TR
Cod MIS: 2254
Project total budget 299.020,06 Euro =298.920,06(ENPI +cofin) + 100,00(IPA founds)

A clear environment for our future
Countries: RO/ TR
Cod MIS: 2255
Project total budget 465.536,67(ENPI +cofin)

Securing Transit Containers (SETRACON)
Countries: GR/ BG/ UA
Cod MIS: 2264
Project total budget 532.785,00(ENPI +cofin)

Integrated hotspots management and saving the living Black Sea ecosystem
Countries: TR/ GE/ UA/ BG/ BG
Cod MIS: 2303
Project total budget 479.761,39(ENPI +cofin)

Clean Rivers - Clean Sea! NGOs actions for environmental protection within Black Sea area (CRCS)
Countries: MD/ BG/ MD/ GE/ TR
Cod MIS: 2371
Project total budget 498.099,16(ENPI +cofin)

Danube - Black Sea connection of European and Asian economy, a step for substantial growth of the Black Sea areas (DABS)
Countries: MD/ BG/ UA/ GE/ GR/ TR/ TR
Cod MIS: 2372
Project total budget 463.920,00(ENPI +cofin)

Black Sea Network for Sustainable Tourism - Strategies for joint tourism marketing and development in the Black Sea region (BS NST)
Countries: TR/ GE/ BG/ UA/ GE
Cod MIS: 2605
Project total budget 496.910,13(ENPI +cofin)

A Scientific Network for Earthquake, Landslide and Flood Hazard Prevention
Countries: GR/ BG/ RO/ MD/ UA/ TR
Cod MIS: 2614
Project total budget 700.000,00(ENPI +cofin)

Collaborative Networks of Multilevel Actors to advance quality standards for heritage tourism at Cross Border Level (ALECTOR)
Countries: RO/ BG/ MD/ UA/ GE/ TR/ TR/ TR
Cod MIS: 2617
Project total budget 691.324,69(ENPI +cofin)

Promoting Innovative Rural Tourism in the Black Sea Basin Region (PIRT)
Countries: GE/ BG/ TR
Cod MIS: 2619
Project total budget 537.474,06(ENPI +cofin)

Local/Regional Economic Development Network as decisive leverage point for enhanced competitiveness in the Black Sea Basin regions, LRED Net
Countries: AM/ GR/ MD/ GE/ BG
Cod MIS: 2620
Project total budget 470.540,00(ENPI +cofin)

Youth Action for Regional Coherence and Cooperation (YARCC)
Countries: GE/ BG/ TR
Cod MIS: 2622
Project total budget 236.482,08(ENPI +cofin)

Tourism Paths of the Black Sea Region BSB - TOUR
Countries: TR/ UA/ GE/ MD/ UA/ BG/ AM/ TR
Cod MIS: 2627
Project total budget 577.760,00(ENPI +cofin)

Culture exchange Platform
Countries: GR/ BG/ AM/ MD
Cod MIS: 2632
Project total budget 330.901,17(ENPI +cofin)

Quality Certification System in Agrotourism CerTour
Countries: BG/ AM/ GE/ MD/ UA
Cod MIS: 2634
Project total budget 529.648,00(ENPI +cofin)

Sharing Collectively the Competences of the Researchers to the Farmers for a Sustainable and Ecological Exploitation of the Agricultural and Environment Protection - ECO-AGRI
Countries: MD/ AM/ TR/ TR
Cod MIS: 2641
Project total budget 422.250,00(ENPI +cofin)

Integrated Land-use Management Modelling of Black Sea Estuaries (ILMMBSE)
Countries: BG/ UA/ GE/ TR/ TR/ TR
Cod MIS: 2642
Project total budget 672.572,04(ENPI +cofin)

Countries: MD/ TR/ TR
Cod MIS: 2644
Project total budget 330.127,59(ENPI +cofin)

Improvement of the Integrated Coastal Zone Management in the Black Sea Region, ICZM
Countries: BG/ UA/ MD/ TR/ TR/ TR
Cod MIS: 2646
Project total budget 489.908,23(ENPI +cofin)

Introduction of innovative waste management practices in selected cities of Georgia, Moldova and Armenia, GMA-WMP
Countries: MD/ AM/ RO/ MD/ AM
Cod MIS: 2658
Project total budget 374.882,84(ENPI +cofin)

A Black Sea network promoting integrated natural WAStewater Treatment systEms - WASTEnet
Countries: GR/ AM/ GE/ MD/ RO/ UA/ TR/ TR
Cod MIS: 2661
Project total budget 481.586,82(ENPI +cofin)

Utilizing stream waters in the suppresion of forest fires with the help of new technologies - STREAMS-2-SUPPRESS-FIRES
Countries: UA/ AM/ MD/ TR
Cod MIS: 2666
Project total budget 679.400,00(ENPI +cofin)

e-F+TN/ e-Fairs and Trade Networking
Countries: GR/ BG/ GE/ MD/ TR
Cod MIS: 2667
Project total budget 555.432,00(ENPI +cofin)

Excellenece in public sector - excellence
Countries: BG/ RO/ MD/ MD/ AM/ UA/ TR
Cod MIS: 2670
Project total budget 417.700,00(ENPI +cofin)

Cultural Ports from Aegean to the Black Sea - Limen
Countries: GR/ RO/ UA/ GE/ BG/ TR/ TR
Cod MIS: 2673
Project total budget 697.514,81(ENPI +cofin)

MANAGE.EDU: Efficient Educational Management Network for LLL in the Black Sea Basin
Countries: GE/ MD/ RO/ UA/ TR
Cod MIS: 2674
Project total budget 207.634,20(ENPI +cofin)

Black Sea Silk Road Corridor (BSSRC)
Countries: GR/ GE/ AM
Cod MIS: 2675
Project total budget 802.243,64(ENPI +cofin)

Black Sea Buildings Energy Efficiency Plan
Countries: GR/ RO/ RO/ AM/ AM/ MD/ UA/ TR
Cod MIS: 2680
Project total budget 578.876,38(ENPI +cofin)